Conditions relating to the private area 

1. Users who so wish can register on the Website, thereby committing to provide the required data, being expressly aware of the liabilities and penalties established by the law for false claims, false statements and identity theft. Clubielle - Italian Fashion Design reserves the right to regularly check the reliability, credibility and completeness of the data provided and have the right to refuse, suspend or cancel the registration of any user at any time. Registered users will enjoy, unlike the others, a number of benefits, that are from time to time offered by Clubielle - Italian Fashion Design, as well as access and the ability to write on the blog.

2. Acceptance by Clubielle - Italian Fashion Design of users who have signed up to the private area involve acceptance of the present conditions by accepted users.

3. Upon acceptance of registration, each user will be provided with a password to match to his/her e-mail address to log-in. Each user can change the password himself/herself and agrees to keep their log-in information confidential and secure, thus waiving  Clubielle - Italian Fashion Design and its partners in any capacity from any damages or inconveniences arising from the loss or use of such information by third parties. In case of lost password, each user can request, through the Website, a temporary password, which such user undertakes to change after his/her first access.

4. Clubielle - Italian Fashion Design never sends to e-mail addresses used for log-in requests to communicate passwords or other sensitive data (for example, phone-number, credit card number, I.D. etc.). If users receive such requests, which will be deemed as an attempt of phishing, Clubielle - Italian Fashion Design asks such users to have the courtesy to report such acts, in order to activate the necessary legal precautions and protection of users. Clubielle - Italian Fashion Design is not responsible in any way, should some users fall into such frauds and, in any case, does not guarantee in any way the total safety and inviolability of the private area. Each user is therefore required to maintain a high level of attention on the data that will be divulged freely in this area.

5.       Users warrant and are responsible for the accuracy, completeness, and ownership of the information transmitted in the private area and are aware of the penalties for false claims, false statements and identity theft. Users can still use a so-called avatar to protect their anonymity towards third parties, but Clubielle - Italian Fashion Design shall at any time enjoy the right to know - and therefore users guarantee to communicate truthfully - the true identity of each user.

6. Inside the private area, users can upload their photographs, which depict them truthfully. Users can also upload photographs of third parties, animals, inanimate objects, works of art etc., provided that they are entitled to and have consent by the third party owner and can prove evidence to Clubielle - Italian Fashion Design, if required, of such right. Clubielle - Italian Fashion Design can delete at any time any image uploaded by any user, without any liability if the user does not have other copies stored elsewhere. Some users photographs depicting themselves will be necessary for the purchase of some products on the Website, and therefore it is the users responsibility that these photographs are consistent with their individual image and measurements.

7. Anyone who publishes content in the restricted area must have and show, when requested, the rights for such content, pledging not to infringe copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property and industrial rights.

8. Users expressly acknowledge that, should Clubielle - Italian Fashion Design, at its sole discretion, deem that, through the Website, real dangers to users or threats to public safety may occur, Clubielle - Italian Fashion Design will remove contents deemed dangerous, disable accounts and cooperate with the judiciary and law enforcement bodies.

9. Users are expressly prohibited to publish threats and insults against anyone, promotion or encouragement of any type of self-destructive acts, exchange of materials, informations and content prohibited by law. These contents shall not be approved and shall be removed and such accounts will be reported to competent authorities. Equally, Clubielle - Italian Fashion Design shall remove the content and disable accounts for which there is evidence of affiliation to terrorist, criminal or other organisations or activities, promoting hatred against a targeted group of people on the basis of skin colour, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability or illness. Clubielle - Italian Fashion Design shall also remove contents in support and / or justification of violent or criminal activities and heads of terrorist, criminal or discriminatory organisations. The same applies to contents that are disparaging, defamatory or humiliating for third parties that are not public figures; however, Clubielle - Italian Fashion Design shall take all measures deemed appropriate against users who upload content that includes hatred and credible threats against public figures.

10. Users cannot upload pictures and content that promote sexual exploitation or sexual violence, non-artistic nudity (assessed by Clubielle - Italian Fashion Design particularly on the basis of the cultural context and the age of the users).

11. Clubielle - Italian Fashion Design keeps a constant check on the uploaded content but assumes no responsibility for the same, if others were to be impacted or threatened by them. These users will be required to contact Clubielle - Italian Fashion Design to report the disputed content.