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Clubielle - Italian Fashion Design, with headquarters at via Podgora 14 - 20122 Milano, Italy, welcomes visitors to its website www.clubielle.com (hereinafter, the "Website"), of its exclusive property, from which users (visitors and buyers of products sold by Clubielle - Italian Fashion Design) can find legal information about the terms and conditions of use of the Website, conditions related to the private area, and the general conditions of sale, the conditions concerning the right of withdrawal, and the use of cookies. Access to the Website and the use of data and information contained herein are subject to the terms and conditions below.


General terms of use of the Website


1. Connection to the Website through any device, browsing the products sold in it, reading relevant information, the use of customer service and communication with Clubielle - Italian Fashion Design through the Website imply that visitors and buyers are without any limitations and conditions accepting and abiding by the general conditions of use of the Website, conditions related to the private area, general conditions of sale, conditions concerning the right of withdrawal, the privacy policy and the use cookies. If visitors and buyers do not agree in full or in part with these conditions, they are required required to leave the Website and to refrain from any use of it.

2. Clubielle - Italian Fashion Design can unilaterally change or update all and / or part of the legal information on the conditions of use of the Website, the conditions related to the private area, the general conditions of sale, the conditions concerning the right of withdrawal, the privacy policy and the use of cookies. Clubielle - Italian Fashion Design recommends that its visitors and buyers visit this section regularly.

3. Access to the Website and its use in any form or activities conducted by users, whether it be visitors or buyers, are activities for which the users themselves are solely responsible for and Clubielle - Italian Fashion Design will not in any way be held responsible if said activities are conducted by users without meeting the requirements set for the use of the Website and in particular of the private area, except for Clubielle - Italian Fashion Designs responsibility for wilful misconduct or gross negligence.

4. Users, be they buyers or mere visitors, are the only subjects responsible for the communication of information and incorrect, incomplete, or false data pertaining to themselves and / or third parties who have not given their consent to the transmission of such data by users.

5. Users are the only subjects responsible for the safekeeping and proper use of information transmitted and Clubielle - Italian Fashion Design is in no way responsible for any damage or harm caused to users and / or third parties from incorrect use of such information, its loss or subtraction that in any way occurred to such information.

6. Clubielle - Italian Fashion Design is not responsible for any inconvenience or damage resulting from viruses, corrupted files, errors, omissions, interruptions, deletion of content, connection problems, unauthorised access, alteration of data, failure or malfunction of the user's devices .

7. The brand "Clubielle - Italian Fashion Design", the Website and all content contained therein, including, without limitation, descriptions, photographs, video, graphics, processes, software, music, blogs, etc. are the exclusive property of Clubielle - Italian Fashion Design, including all intellectual and industrial property rights. Users, whether they are mere visitors or buyers, are entitled not only to visit the site and access the private area, but also to print, copy and transmit images to third parties and to describe products on the website, provided such activities are conducted for lawful purposes and personal (not commercial) use. Users cannot in any way access the private profiles of third parties without their consent, or reproduce in whole or in part the content of the Website, unless Clubielle - Italian Fashion Design or such third parties express their consent in advance. Any other use is not permitted and will be prosecuted.

8. On the Website there is a blog, the contents of which are not confidential and may therefore be copied, printed, transmitted to third parties in any way by Clubielle - Italian Fashion Design, without owing anything to those who have posted and / or uploaded such content the blog itself. Each user is responsible for what they upload to the blog and therefore indemnifies  Clubielle - Italian Fashion Design and its partners in any capacity unless there is evidence of wilful misconduct or gross negligence, from any kind of damage resulting from downloading such content. The blog cannot be used to disseminate or discuss topics not related to the products branded Clubielle - Italian Fashion Design, such as, for example, political positions, satire, religion, business, economic transactions between users, personal relationships of any kind between the users, self-promotion etc. Anyone who publishes contents on the blog must have and show the rights for posting such content, if requested, pledge to not infringe copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property and industrial rights.  Clubielle - Italian Fashion Design may, at any time and at its sole discretion, assess, not allow, or delete uploaded content on the blog.

9. Purchases of branded products made through the Website create an obligation for the buyer to provide complete and correct data to perform the payment and for the shipping of products purchased and for all tax obligations Clubielle - Italian Fashion Design must perform. It is therefore not necessary to register to the Website.

10. Registration on the Website is a necessary condition for accessing and using the blog, as well as for taking advantage of any promotions that are from time to time carried out by Clubielle - Italian Fashion Design.

11. Anyone intending to make a link to the Website must ask permission of it by sending an e-mail to [] and obtaining written consent by Clubielle - Italian Fashion Design. In the absence of such consent any link to the Website will be prohibited and Clubielle - Italian Fashion Design will ask competent authorities to remove it.

12.  Clubielle - Italian Fashion Design takes every precaution to ensure a comfortable, functional, and enjoyable use of the Website for its users, but does not guarantee either implicitly or explicitly the continuity and completeness of the Website as well as the absence of any element harmful to users devices, their data and their sensitivity. In particular, Clubielle - Italian Fashion Design is not responsible for illegal or inappropriate content or that may hurt the sensitivity of some users, and users therefore agree to strictly comply with the conditions relating to the private area.

13. Products purchased on the Website are sold directly by Clubielle - Italian Fashion Design. Not necessarily are all the products of Clubielles collections presented or available for sale through the Website.  The purchases made on the Website are regulated by the general conditions of sale.

14. It is not allowed to make any attempt to circumvent or overcome any of the Websites protection or use the Website for purposes other than individual participation to the blog, private discussion, browsing of available products and their purchase, all for solely personal reasons.

15. These conditions apply regardless of the device used to visit and enjoy the Website, including Clubielle’s mobile applications.

16. Communications to Clubielle - Italian Fashion Design Customer Service must be sent to [special contact telephone, Skype, WhatsApp, e-mail]. All other communications, including any complaints must be made by calling the phone number: +393381870984.

17. Information provided by users, particularly in the private area, and their IP addresses will serve in order to establish the users applicable jurisdiction and location.

18. These conditions are governed by the laws of the Italian Republic and, in case of invalidity of any clause under such governing law, valid clauses will remain in force.

19. Any dispute not settled off court between users and Clubielle - Italian Fashion Design, will be submitted to settlement through so-called assisted negotiation by the partieslawyers, failing which, final adjudication shall be made by the Court of Milan, Italy